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spoilt for choice

This is a fantastic palette wth lots of choice as to colour and formula. I am no expert with water activated liners, but these seem to go on smoothly and I was impressed by how long they lasted, and I had no issues with flaking. I've had most success with the matt colours. The duochromes are really lovely, although I found I had to work with them a bit more to get the depth of colour I liked, same with the metalics. Its great if you want to experiment with artistic/graphic looks.

Adore - Water Activated Eyeliner (Matte Black)

Creamy and pigmented!

Now hear me out, while I know the owner meant for them to be a highlighter, I actually prefer the highlights as eyeshadows. My reasoning is because they're super creamy and rich when finger swatched. Personally, I prefer a more dry a thinner formula for my cheeks. However, I am not disappointed that they turned out to be more of an eyeshadow for me because I was looking for a color dupe for the Game beauty Robin hood eyeshadow and 'transition' is the perfect color dupe. I am so in love and could not be more happy with my two newest products.


It works so well, comes with freebees, should probably come with a brush though

Gorgeous palette

This is beautiful the mattes are creamy and the shimmers are amazing just stunning


I’ve used this palette a ton since I received it I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more palettes from this brand! Wonderful metallic formula❤️

Gorgeous palette

I love this palette. I’m probably a bit older than your target customer but I love colourful and sparkly makeup. These shadows are really pigmented and blend beautifully and the topper/glitter shades last well ( I used a glitter primer but they also worked well over ordinary primer) and applied with my finger. They also didn’t end up under my eyes by the end of the evening, so I’m delighted.

The palette was very well secured. The box even ripped on the way, but there was 0 damage to the palette. I even got extra goodies ❤️. Beautiful product and customer service. I will definitely purchase from Arttitude again.


I cannot stop using this beautiful highlighter! It suits my light-med skin tone perfectly and the gorgeous pink shift is mesmerizing.
Love love love! YouTube video placeholder
Perfect Alternative

I don't like applying shimmers/metallics with my fingers, both for sanitary reasons and because it helps avoid hard panning so these brushes are amazing. I get smooth, pigmented payoff with my stunning shiny shades without having to get my hands all up in the shadows!

Maneater Eyeshadow Palette
The Dally Diaries
Blown Away!

I am so excited to have added the Maneater Palette to my large collection. It's been a while since a brand made such a brilliant first impression. I love the formula of both the mattes, and the shimmers and the colour story really inspired me to play! Can't wait to try more products from Arttitude Cosmetics in the future and I'll definitely be featuring them on my youtube channel :-) YouTube video placeholder

Split It Palette & Brush Bundle

The Powder Puff Duo
Rebeka Gyenis

The Powder Puff Duo

Phoenix Palette and 12 Piece Make-Up Brush Set

Hi Stephanie, so sorry you weren't completely happy with your palette and brush set. Any feedback would be appreciated so we can improve in the future!

Maneater - The Full Collection
Stephanie Anstis

Maneater - The Full Collection

Hi Stephanie, so sorry you weren't completely happy with your palette and brush set. Any feedback would be appreciated so we can improve in the future!

Incredible Quality and Artistry

Truly a work of art! The colors are incredible and the quality of the shadows are fantastic! Fantastically pleased with my purchase!

Silicone applicator set

Very convenient applicators for applying shiny shadows, soft and non-traumatic to the eyelid. It is easy to choose a convenient applicator shape for different areas of the eyelid. I really liked that they were easy to control the intensity of shadow application. You can apply a thin layer, or you can layer it for a more intense look. It is much more difficult to do this with a brush or finger. And yet, a large amount of shadow remains on the brush or finger, and the silicone applicator transfers all the product to the eyelid and almost nothing remains on it. which certainly reduces the consumption of shadows! And another plus about the silicone applicator is that it creates a foil or mirror effect with some glitter shadows. And finally, due to the fact that the silicone applicator seems to drive in, pat down the shadows in a denser layer than a brush, as if ironing them out, there is practically no fallout. I love these applicators!


I knew that the palette would be good, but I didn't expect *this* quality.. I swatched the shadows and was completely awestruck. The color story is exactly my cup of tea too- it has both more neutraly shades and more colorful ones. The brushes I bought are nice and soft too.

Easy to use

Perfect brush that you can use to create even complicated designs. Recommend! <3

One of the best palettes this year.

Very useful.

I love these products

The colors are vibrant and beautiful. They are smooth and last as long as you want them to. I can come up with such beautiful looking very easily with the pallet. I can’t wait to see more new things you come up with. Thank you so much.