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Pointed Precision Multi-Tasking Make-Up Brush


Our pointed precision brush is our founders personal favourite. This is an absolute multi-tasker and an essential tool if you have smaller or hooded eyes, for make-up application with extreme precision. 

Pro Tips:

  • Use this brush to add depth to your make-up, by applying darker eyeshadows with extreme precision to the outer corners. This is perfect for smaller or hooded eyes, preventing excess colour spilling over into other areas of your eyelid.
  • Use this brush to draw out the perfect shape before you start applying your eye make-up. Draw out the area above the crease and check that you are happy with the shape. Focus on building up your eyeshadow to the area you have drawn. Use this brush again to add darkness and depth in a very small, precise area just above the crease. Clean up the area underneath for the perfect cut crease.
  • Use this brush to create the perfect lip. Apply a lipliner, and use this brush to blend the product into your lips before applying lipstick, for a softer, seamless transition. Or use the brush to apply the lipliner directly, with a darker and lighter lipstick shade to create the perfect ombre lip. 
  • Use to apply eyeshadow to the upper or lower lash line with precision. 

All of our make-up brushes are made with synthetic bristles and are 100% vegan and cruelty free.  

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