Arttitude Cosmetics

Cattitude - Adhesive Eyeliner- Green

£4.99 £11.99

A revolutionary adhesive eyeliner by Arttitude Cosmetics.

Highly pigmented, smudge proof, waterproof eyeliner that lasts all day, which doubles up as a lash adhesive!

▪️No more lash glue
▪️No mess
▪️Easy application
▪️No residue left on your false lashes - they last even longer!
▪️Easy touch ups whenever you need it on the go!
▪️Now EVERYONE can be an every day lash queen!  

Vegan and cruelty free - just like all of our products.

Are you ready for this absolutely game changing innovation? 



1) Make sure lashes are trimmed to fit.

2) Apply evenly across the lash-line ensuring good product coverage

3) Apply your lashes. Press along the lash band to activate the bond.

And it really is as easy as that! 

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