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An absolutely stunning lash from our new collection! If our entire brand could be embodied by a single pair of eyelashes then this is it! Thick, voluminous, fluffy and fluttery, with gorgeous texture, cross-over fibres and the most stunning winged effect you ever laid your eyes on! 

Our lashes have been designed to be super versatile, to look equally beautiful with any eye shape! I love how wearing lashes can really make you feel a certain mood, every single one of our lashes was designed to empower you. I truly believe that with the right pair of lashes on you can conquer the world!

100% vegan and cruelty free. Exclusive to Arttitude Cosmetics.  

  • Length: Medium-Long
  • Volume: Full
  • Shape: Winged
  • Band: Black medium band
  • Material: Synthetic PBT fibre - Luxury lashes

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