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Arttitude Angels Affiliate Programme

Arttitude Angels

Affiliate Programme

Calling all aspiring beauty influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, MUAs, MUEs and make-up addicts!
We wanted to design an all inclusive affiliate programme, irrespective of how many followers you have, or where you are in your influencer journey. As long as you love our products, anyone can apply!  We are so grateful to every single one of you, for the continued love and support, and want to show our gratitude by allowing every single one of you to become an influencer!


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Promote your discount code to friends, family and followers, (or use for your own orders) 
Earn commission! 
Code been used 5 times? Earn free products!    



      Each time your discount code is used, you can earn 10% commission of the total order value (excluding taxes, shipping, and personal use. Personal use will receive 10% discount, but no extra commission). Commission payments from your referrals will be processed into your PayPal account within 7 working days. Additionally after your discount code has been used 5 times (including personal use), we will send you free products in the post.
      You can track code uses, commission earned and payments received through your online account. 
      The more your code is used, you will move higher up the ranks in our affiliate programme. We want to create a family of influencers who are passionate about our brand, and want to work with us for a lifetime of free products and commission as we continue to grow.
      If you have any further questions please email info@arttitudecosmetics.co.uk for more information.
      ​ Lots of love Arttitude Cosmetics xxx



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