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Cattitude - Adhesive Eyeliner - Black

Say goodbye to lash glue, with our revolutionary cattitude adhesive eyeliner. A highly pigmented, smudgeproof, waterproof eyeliner that lasts all day, which doubles up as a lash adhesive!

▪️No more lash glue
▪️No mess
▪️Easy application - perfect for beginners 
▪️No residue left on your false lashes - they last even longer!
▪️Easy touch ups whenever you need it on the go!
▪️Now EVERYONE can be an every day lash queen!  

Are you ready for this game changing innovation? 

Prix de vente£11.99 GBP
Cattitude - Adhesive Eyeliner - Black
Cattitude - Adhesive Eyeliner - Black Prix de vente£11.99 GBP

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
I think I must have got a dud - dry and non-sticky.

I thought I'd order this liner at the same time as the Abscission palette just to give it a try. Unlike the palette, (which is amazing!), despite how much shaking I do and blotting the liner on paper before I begin, it's dry and scratchy to use, gives very little colour and definitely doesn't stick down my lashes. I had to resort to Eylure glue. To give the brand their due though, they did send me a free pair of lashes with my first order which I love so much I'll be ordering again - I won't be ordering this liner again though - shame:(

Hi Febrich, I'm so sorry you didn't get on well with the adhesive liner - it's not advised to blot the liner on paper before as you will end up removing the product from the applicator - hence the dry applicator. Try to use directly from the applicator after shaking, without blotting the product from the tip. Please get back to us if this doesn't help, and we can issue a replacement if you received a damaged product.

Dagmara S.

Nothing is better than this one and I tried at least 10 similar products

Absolute Must Have

I first bought this liner thinking that it was just a nice pigmented black liner from an indie brand I like.
Its only when I got it that I realized it was a lash adhesive as well, not just any lash adhesive but a really good one.
Naturally now I have one in Black, one in Clear and soon will have the new colours in my collection as well.

Michaela Torres
Love it!!!

I have already ordered multiple times from Arttitude Cosmetics.
I love all the products! The eyeshadow palettes are super creamy and pigmented. The cake liners don’t crack at all when they dry which is absolutely amazing! My personal favorites are the cattitude liners and the lashes. It is so easy to apply these stunning lashes with the liner, even a beginner like me can do it!
On top of this, Ruks is always extremely nice and helpful.
Highly recommended!

Kelly Westwood
Amazing products & Fantastic customer care.

Found this small business by accident when looking to buy some lashes - ordered and was super impressed when they arrived quickly, the products themselves are gorgeous and amazing quality & every order I have placed has had a personalised handwritten note, which I think is a really nice touch.... would highly recommend!!