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Artikel: Get to know our founder! Interview with for House21 magazine

Get to know our founder! Interview with for House21 magazine

Get to know our founder! Interview with for House21 magazine

Want to know more about the brand. Here's a short interview we did with one of our favourite beauty bloggers, for House21

Checkout Kelly's IG here:

When were you inspired to create the brand and what happened to give you the push to do it? 

My mum has been working as a make-up artist since the early 2000's and it was her that inspired me to learn make-up which is where I developed my passion from. When she started working as an MUA, make-up wasn't what it is now. She wanted to challenge those norms and put the art back into make-up artistry and give it a whole new attitude, and that's where the name comes from - her make-up studio was called Arttitude Studios, so she actually named the brand! Arttitude Cosmetics was born in 2019, and initially started purely for our clients. I noticed that she would struggle to find lashes suitable for all of our clients, so I wanted to create them for her. I also wanted to be able to give our brides a beautiful luxury box for their lashes to make them feel extra special on their big day. The passion and love for developing cosmetics just grew from there! I never expected the brand to grow like it has, but I am really proud of what we have achieved as a small brand so far. 

Did you have any previous experience? 

I started working alongside my mum doing make-up for her clients in 2012. This gave me a good idea of the products that people like to see, coming up with an ultra long lasting lipstick especially for our brides, but I had no previous experience in designing cosmetics! I actually work full time as a clinical scientist. But it has been nice to put the same ethics, principles and values I have as a healthcare worker into the brand. Our customers and our clients have always been our number one priority. As well as being totally vegan and cruelty free. 

What has been your biggest lesson so far? 

Whilst designing products, coming up with concepts and playing with colours and samples is fun, trying to run a small brand is hard work! It takes a lot more time and dedication than I realised. Working as a make-up artist gave me an understanding of cosmetics, of products that the world needs, and of our clients. Designing a bomb product for me was the easy part, but getting the world to notice your brand, marketing specifically, that was a whole new world for me that I had zero experience in! 

What has been your favourite product so far? 

This one is easy! The coloursplash palette. I put everything into this palette, time, work, love, passion and I definitely didn't stick to a budget! I really did go all out, but that's why this is my baby. For a first ever palette I couldn't be more proud. 

Where do you see the brand in the future? 

I really hope that we can take this brand places, but not just for me. For all our amazing supporters. I have developed such a good relationship with so many people through this brand, and made so many friends along the way who genuinely want to see me grow. I want to succeed for them, so that I can give back to the beauty community as much as possible. I want to create better and better products, do as many collaborations as possible, get everyone involved, build relationships and make more friends along the way! I want my brand to succeed so I can help others succeed. I hope to grow into a brand that people can really connect with. 

What is it about the beauty industry that made you fall in love with it? 

I loved doing make-up for our clients, making their day so much more special, and seeing their faces when they saw their make-up for the first time. I love how make-up can give you so much more confidence, it makes you feel good! We all deserve to feel great about ourselves, we all deserve to feel glamorous and special and I think make-up is so unique in the way it can have that effect on you. And without sounding cliche, just the fact that there are no rules in make-up. You can be whoever you want to be. Watching people's vision and artistry come to life is such a beautiful thing. We are all so unique, and so is our artistry! 

What advice would you give to young women wanting to start their own businesses? 

It is hard work. Expect to be working around the clock. Don't expect to plant the seed and eat the fruit the same day. Read, read and read some more! Remember - the first year in business is just about surviving. But, having said all this. Go for it and don't hold back. You don't want to spend the rest of your life wondering, 'what if.' Take the risk, work hard, and you have all my love and best wishes for your every success. 

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