Arttitude Cosmetics

Angled Brow Brush


Our flat angled brow brush, is made from dense bristles, yet is super small and thin for perfect, precise hair-like strokes, to create soft, fluffy, full brows. The perfect brush for keeping up with all the latest brow trends; whatever your preferred eyebrow style, this is an absolute must have in your make-up kit.

Pro Tips:

  • When creating the perfect fluffy soap brows, use a light hand to create soft, light strokes. If you use a brow pencil to create your brow strokes, use the clean brush over the top to blend out any harsh lines, and soften the brow strokes for a more natural finish.
  • To create perfectly arched 'insta-brows' use a firmer hand. Use the small and precise brush tip to carve out a perfectly neat brow arch. Blend upwards to create hair-like strokes. 
  • Can also be used as a liner brush, or for applying eyeshadow/liner to the upper and lower lash lines. Use shorter strokes for your brows, and longer strokes for liner.

All of our make-up brushes are made with synthetic bristles and are 100% vegan and cruelty free.  

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