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Silicone Applicator Set

Our set of 3 silicone applicators are designed to make make-up application so easy! Apply glitters, pigments, shimmers and multichromes with ease - instead of using your fingers. An absolute game changer to achieve intense, multi-dimensional colour.

Prix de vente£11.99 GBP
Silicone Applicator Set
Silicone Applicator Set Prix de vente£11.99 GBP

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Alternative

I don't like applying shimmers/metallics with my fingers, both for sanitary reasons and because it helps avoid hard panning so these brushes are amazing. I get smooth, pigmented payoff with my stunning shiny shades without having to get my hands all up in the shadows!

Irena Neikov
Silicone applicator set

Very convenient applicators for applying shiny shadows, soft and non-traumatic to the eyelid. It is easy to choose a convenient applicator shape for different areas of the eyelid. I really liked that they were easy to control the intensity of shadow application. You can apply a thin layer, or you can layer it for a more intense look. It is much more difficult to do this with a brush or finger. And yet, a large amount of shadow remains on the brush or finger, and the silicone applicator transfers all the product to the eyelid and almost nothing remains on it. which certainly reduces the consumption of shadows! And another plus about the silicone applicator is that it creates a foil or mirror effect with some glitter shadows. And finally, due to the fact that the silicone applicator seems to drive in, pat down the shadows in a denser layer than a brush, as if ironing them out, there is practically no fallout. I love these applicators!


Very useful.

Kim Lionessa

Excellent products!


I use my fingers a lot to apply multichromes and things but I have fat fingers and tiny eyes so it gets messy.
These help so much with the application of things I usually use my fingers for. There is a bit of a learning curve depending on which product you're applying but really pretty easy overall. Absolutely awesome!