Arttitude Cosmetics

12 Piece Red and Black Brush Set


The first ever brush set from Arttitude Cosmetics. This 12 piece set has been completely custom made, and contains a range of brushes perfect for make-up artists to create any look desired! The brush set includes small fluffy brushes and a pointed detailing brush designed to work with minimal eye space, to achieve precise perfect blends.

The brush set contains:

  • 4 face brushes - including flat foundation brush, blusher brush, power brush, bronzer/contour brush.
  • 4 fluffy eye brushes for applying, building and blending eyeshadow
  • 1 larger flat brush for cutting the crease, applying pigment or primer
  • 1 smaller flat brush for precision, or to use as a lip brush
  • 1 pointed brush for precision eyeshadow application, for eyeliner or to use as a lip brush
  • 1 angled brush for brows or eyeliner

We all have a phoenix inside of us - waiting to be reborn. 


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