Our Story

Arttitude Cosmetics is a female founded independent beauty brand based in the UK. It was founded by Rukhsaar – a qualified clinical scientist. Despite being a bit of an academic herself, make-up has always been a huge part of her world from a very early age, as her mother worked as an Asian bridal make-up artist. This is where her huge passion for the world of cosmetics first developed.

Arttitude began with a range of luxury faux mink lashes, designed to be worn as statement pieces, for beginners in make-up application. Rukhsaar is passionate about making luxury products accessible for everyone, and has since developed a range of premium quality eyeshadow palettes, and an innovative 2 in 1 eyeliner and eyelash adhesive, designed to change false eyelash application forever. She firmly believes that luxury beauty products should be accessible for everyone, not just professionals.

Arttitude Cosmetics focus on products with innovative beginner friendly formulas that are easy to work with, regardless of your level of expertise. Make-up should be fun, easy, affordable and accessible for everyone. We are all about inclusivity at Arttitude Cosmetics, our customers are our family.

These founding principles have developed this small business into the fun, friendly and lovable beauty brand that it is known for today. 

With 100% 5***** reviews across the board, this new indie brand is one to watch.

Get To Know

Our Founder

Hi, I'm Rukhsaar (or Ruks)
I am a full time clinical scientist in haemato-oncology, a senior make-up artist at Arttitude Studios and the founder of Arttitude Cosmetics.

I am passionate about creating cruelty free, luxury beauty products, at affordable prices. Beauty should be accessible to everyone, and should never be harmful to another living thing!

Positive traits:
Friendly, always positive, always grateful, practical and hard-working, caring and a huge empath!

Negative Traits:
Always late, massive perfectionist, struggle to maintain a work life balance, my kindness can be taken advantage of. 

Socialising, travelling, love my family and friends, make-up, photography and cheese!

Rollercoasters, flying

A Message From Our Founder

I initially developed Arttitude Cosmetics as a gift to my mum who is the reason I fell in love with the beauty industry!
Those of you supporting my brand, are not only supporting me, but also supporting my biggest dream of all, to give my mum the greatest gift of all time - a beauty brand dedicated to her artistry. Arttitude Cosmetics: Where Artistry Meets Attitude. Thank you for supporting my small business.

Every single one of our customers mean the world to me; you are our family. The Arttitude Family.
Thank you for believing in me. 

Lots of love

Ruks xxx

Innovative | Fun | Affordable | Luxury

Reasons to Love Arttitude Cosmetics

  • Beautiful packaging - the PR experience!
  • Fun, Innovative, Beginner Friendly
  • Vegan and Cruelty free
  • Affordable Luxury
  • Customer Focused
  • 100% 5 star reviews!

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