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Our Story

Hi, I'm Ruks!

I'm so happy you've discovered Arttitude Cosmetics!

So what's the story? Arttitude Cosmetics is a UK based independent beauty brand, that was actually developed initially as a gift from me to my mum who has been working as a professional Asian bridal hair and make-up artist since 2012. You can see her website here: Arttitude Studios.

Make-up was different when she first started out. She actually came up with the name Arttitude, because she wanted to put the art back into make-up artistry, and that's what the brand vision has always been about; where artistry meets attitude. We put all the fun, colour and creativity back into make-up, just as it should be! 

It began with a struggle to find the perfect eyelashes for all of her clients, particularly those with smaller or hooded eyes, or for clients who wanted lighter, more natural lashes, but still wanted a fluffy, 3D voluminous look. We wanted to give her clients total luxury with access to premium quality luxury lashes, on a budget! We found a very limited range of lashes that could achieve this, so we decided to create them ourselves!

After her clients absolutely loved them, and wanted to buy them online, we developed our initial online store. 

In the process of designing these lashes, I discovered my absolute passion for creating cosmetics, so decided to expand the range further, and that's how Arttitude Cosmetics first began! 

Those of you supporting my brand, are not only supporting my dream and my vision to create amazing products, but also supporting me in my biggest dream of all, to provide my mum with the greatest gift of all time - a beauty brand dedicated to her artistry: Arttitude Cosmetics!

Every single one of our supporters mean the world to me; you are not just customers, you are supporting a dream and a gift of love. 

Lots of love

Ruks xxx

Get to know us

Our Team



Rukhsaar is the senior make-up artist at Arttitude Studios and the CEO of Arttitude Cosmetics. She is passionate about creating cruelty free, luxury beauty products, at affordable prices. 



Asfa is the director of Arttitude Studios - make-up artistry, and the lead trainer. She is dedicated to creating beautiful make-up looks for all of our clients, always going above and beyond on your special day!

Luxury Cosmetics at Affordable Prices

Reasons to Love Arttitude Cosmetics

  • Luxury products
  • Affordable prices
  • Cruelty free
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Vegan friendly
  • Colour obsessed

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