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cattitude adhesive liner and lashes

Have you tried our 2 in 1 eyeliner and lash adhesive yet? It has completely revolutionised lash application for absolutely everyone! Completely beginners friendly and saves so much time - even if you're an expert!

Simply apply across your lash line, wait a few seconds for the adhesive to become tacky, then apply your lashes close to the lash line, pressing lightly the lash band to activate the bond. It really is as easy as that!

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Is This Really The End Of Lash Glue?

Cattitude 2 in 1 liner and lash adesive

Meet Our Founder


Arttitude Cosmetics is a female founded independent beauty brand based in the UK. It was founded by Rukhsaar – a qualified clinical scientist. Despite being a bit of an academic herself, make-up has always been a huge part of her world from a very early age, she has been working alongside her mother as an Asian bridal make-up artist. 

Rukhsaar is passionate about the beauty industry. She loves the fast paced nature of the industry, and is keen to keep up with the latest trends, and to develop innovative products and formulas that stand out in the crowd.

What's In A Name

Where artistry meets attitude

In the current era of social media and with TV shows such as BBC 'Glow Up' blowing up careers for make-up artists, the beauty industry has grown exponentially and really revolutionised in the last decade.

Make-up artistry and influencing has become a serious and very successful career for many. It's not just about beauty anymore, It's about art, self-expression, and creativity. And bringing together a community of like-minded individuals who are genuinely passionate about creating art.

The name Arttitude was born from the brand vision. We create tools designed to let you fully explore your creativity and to add a tonne of attitude to your artistry. With our colourful products and innovative formulas you can be who you want to be - and that's what we call Arttitude!

The ever growing

Arttitude Family

We focus on developing vegan friendly, cruelty free products with innovative beginner friendly formulas that are easy to work with, regardless of your level of expertise. Make-up should be fun, easy, affordable and accessible for everyone. We are all about inclusivity at Arttitude, our customers are our family.

These founding principles have developed this small business into the fun, friendly and lovable beauty brand that it is known for today, with 100% 5***** reviews across the board.

from lashes to eyeshadow palettes

want to know our story?

Arttitude Cosmetics is a female founded independent beauty brand based in the UK. We started with a range of luxury lashes, designed especially for our clients - as make-up artists in the UK.

We wanted to curate a range of high quality yet affordable, vegan and cruelty free lashes in order to encourage the beauty industry to stop wearing mink. We are passionate about creating vegan and cruelty free products, and making the beauty industry a safer place for our furry friends!

September 2019

Our First Eyeshadow palette - coloursplash

This was a huge step for us a small independent beauty brand, creating our first ever eyeshadow palette. This really sky-rocketed our growth, with a fun colourful eyeshadow palette designed for every occasion, with mattes, shimmers and a luxurious premium diamond eyeshadow formula, everyone fell in love with our new indie brand.

Compact with only 18 shades, every colour of the rainbow, primaries, black, brown, warm and cool neutral shades, as well as a luxrious highlighter shade - the possibilities are absolutely endless. Every creators rainbow holographic dream.

september 2020

A major milestone - rebranding

From day one it has been extremely important to us that we only ever produce very high quality and professional grade products. If we don't love it, we won't launch it. But our branding just didn't reflect that. The original logo was designed by our founder who has absolutely zero background in marketing. But we decided we needed to level up. After hiring a team of professionals we developed a new logo, our brand colours and we found our brand identity. We redesigned our lash box, and packaging and our customers fell in love!

growth of the brand

we expanded our product range

By the end of 2020 we had launched our cake liner range which is currently sitting at 39 liners including mattes, metallics, neons, pastels and duochromes.

We had also launched our 2nd eyeshadow palette, VIP Exclusive - the perfect palette for lovers of warm neutrals.

We expanded our range of luxury lashes, and launched our revolutionary 2 in 1 liner and lash adhesive - Cattitude, which has completely changed the false lash game. You'll never use lash glue again!

Featured in british vogue 2021


In 2021, Vogue reached out to us for a feature in the May, June and July issues of their magazine.

This was a huge step for us as a small beauty brand, to have been discovered and recognised by a prestigious magazine and to have been featured amongst some huge names in the industry, in a magazine with over 2 million monthly readers.

September 2021

British beauty week

In September 2021 Seekology reached out to us, to partner up and showcase our products in Covent Garden London at British Beauty Week.

It was a fantastic opportunity to meet consumers in real life, and was the first time we were able to do so since our brand launched shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic. We had such amazing feedback from everyone, with so many of you asking to see our products in big retailers such as Boots UK, it was a huge confidence boost and really meaningful for us as a small independent brand. Everyone was completely blown away with our eyeshadow formula!

We launched our first full collection as a beauty brand

Born From The Ashes

We launched our third eyeshadow palette, a red lip kit, our first make-up brush set and sponge, a red adhesive liner and a red lip kit!

This was a huge milestone for us a small brand, and only possible through external investment believing in the brand and our vision. We were able to really fast track our growth with this collection, and create our first ever full promo-video and photoshoot!

The collection launch was our biggest success to date, and a huge achievement, and helped our brand to reach new customers across the globe. Our brand was noticed and featured by huge YouTube channels, such as Jen Luvs Reviews.

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