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Article: Brand Spotlight with Kelly

Brand Spotlight with Kelly

Brand Spotlight with Kelly

Arttitude Cosmetics have been featured several times in Kelly's online beauty blog. The features include her top 5 female led beauty brands, her favourite indie brands, and a brand spotlight dedicated to Arttitude!

Guest Blogger: The Beauty Boo

Read the full brand spotlight here:

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Arttitude Cosmetics - Brand Spotlight

Arttitude Cosmetics (which is completely vegan and cruelty free) was founded in 2019 by Rukhsaar (who is also a full time clinical scientist if she wasn’t already busy enough!). 

The brand boasts a full line of lashes, lip products, liners and two of the most beautiful palettes you ever did see (the Colour Splash Palette which is the perfect addition to your collection if you’re after something daring with the kind of pigment quality most high end brands could only dream of whilst VIP is a warm toned, elegant dream (and my personal favourite!).

She fell in love with the beauty industry and make up artistry after working in the family business, Arttitude Studios…

VIP Palette Swatches By - The Beauty Boo

The Arttitude product line (which started with lashes) was originally designed with the studios clients in mind. After struggling to find the perfect lash for each client the decision was made to create their own! Each with its own luxury feel and presentation to make the experience even more special.

Building up a business whilst holding down a full time job as a health care professional isn’t something everyone can do and that’s what makes Ruks the ultimate inspiration.


Arttitude Cosmetics is all about community. The brand is incredibly supportive of the artists they work with and constantly strives to give back to those who have supported the company as it grows. Her advice to others with dreams of starting their own business is straight to the point but also full of love. Exactly like the brand itself!

It is hard work. Expect to be working around the clock. Don’t expect to plant the seed and eat the fruit the same day. Read, read and read some more! Remember – the first year in business is just about surviving. But, having said all this. Go for it and don’t hold back. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life wondering, ‘what if.’ Take the risk, work hard, and you have all my love and best wishes for your every success.


If all that weren’t enough the brand is expanding into something really exciting! The By Ruks Skincare line which has launched with the Glow Getter oil, a multi tasking wonder to tackle all of your skin concerns. What a bloody powerhouse!

Read the full blogpost here:

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